Chenin (Auckland) – June 2016

I took my daughter to the zoo yesterday and it started to rain…..I heard all the other parents saying “don’t go out in the rain”. Well my daughter and I stayed out splashing in the puddles and she was completely dry when I took off her Mud Mates! Kids love playing in the rain and jumping in puddles. This is my daughter’s second pair and I wouldn’t do without them…thank you!

Lucy (Christchurch) – May 2016

I’m so happy with my Mud Mates purchases. I bought Overpants and Coveralls for miss 2. We find the Coveralls are fantastic for arts and crafts inside… I love that I don’t have to worry about the mess and can focus on the fun.
Miss 2 is so outdoorsy and ‘puddle mad’ so the Overpants are a godsend… so durable and weatherproof. We love the colour options too.

Parent and Child (Napier) – April 2016

Our Mud Mates fitted table covers have been a huge time saver for set up and clean up time! The tables look smart and inviting for all sorts of learning activities. Easy to slip on and off again for an easy clean in the washing machine. They dry quick too! Thanks Mud Mates – awesome!!

Jane (Napier) – March 2016

Thanks heaps for my order which I collected yesterday. We live on a farm and my son lives in these over winter, I think I will be buying the next size up each year! I love being able to keep his warm woolen gear dry underneath if there is a bit of rain, and not worry about having to wash everything if he gets a bit dirty! The Coveralls wash so easily and dry super fast – they are a handy addition to any kid’s wardrobe.

Jodie (Upper Hutt) – January 2016

I knew I would love my son’s Mud Mates but I cant believe how helpful they have actually been! They are his wet weather pants when it’s raining or he’s in the front pack and of course any opportunity he’s outside joining his sisters in their adventures! So perfect, thank you.

Aliesha (Auckland) – November 2015

We love our Mud Mates Coveralls! Our 1 year old girl Alexandra is such an adventurer, and loves the outdoors, so they are absolutely perfect for her.

Happy Days Childcare Centre (Napier) – July 2015

We purchased some of the Overpants, Shoe Covers and all-in-one Coveralls for our infants and toddlers. We also purchased some new aprons for our older children in the water play area. The Mud Mates brand is well made, washes well and all the products are great for keeping our children dry and clean.

We would highly recommend Mud Mates to any parent or Childcare Centre for good value for money.

Francine (Wellington) – May 2015

Just wanted to provide you with some feedback from our Overpants as I didn’t really expect them to perform so well! We were outside yesterday and the kids discovered the outside tap wasn’t turned off as tight as it should have been, like moths to a flame they found this water source……

After about 15 minutes of water play, (in the rain I might add) including lying under the streaming water we had to go inside. I was pleasantly surprised to find the kids were completely dry underneath, I thought they may have been a tad damp at the cuffs , but no, nothing was wet. Yay! Thanks so much, will be telling all my friends about these marvelous pants 🙂